All You Need To Know About Nourkrin® Proteoglycan Replacement Therapy For Hair Loss

By Skin & Hair Academy | November 14, 2018
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Overview :

Hair fall, hair thinning and hair loss is a universal problem that pesters around 60% of the world’s female population. It could be related to genetics, diet, lifestyle, environment or health issues. Whatever the reason, the solution for hair thinning lies in correcting an affected hair growth cycle. Nourkrin® is a scientifically proven, internationally recognised, drug-free oral supplement that is formulated with the nutrients required to regulate our normal hair growth cycle. If you have been suffering from hair loss and are tired of treatments that haven’t worked, or are simply looking to maintain the health of your hair in a completely natural way, read on!

Are you one of the millions of women who have been tormented by the signs of hair fall, hair thinning and – worst of all – hair loss?

Watching strands and strands of hair clogging your drain or falling all over the floor, settling on your pillow or getting pulled out in your brush, is naturally an upsetting and stressful issue.

The truth is that losing hair is a normal part of the hair growth cycle. Each strand goes through 3 stages of hair growth: the Anagen Active Phase, the Catagen Transition Phase and the Telogen Resting Phase.

To know more about your hair growth cycle, take a look at The Science Behind Hair Thinning In Your Early 20s


The real hair problem arises if you’re shedding an unnatural number of hair per day, and when new hair doesn’t grow back, or grows back thinner, weaker and shorter. The reasons for excessive hair fall and halt in new growth could be linked to age, genetics, hormones, diet, lifestyle, pollution, stress or health disorders.


To keep it simple, the underlying cause of your hair loss is a disrupted hair growth cycle. The above physiological, lifestyle and environmental factors can trigger an increased percentage of hair follicles to prematurely enter a prolonged Telogen Resting Phase. This reduces the number of hair follicles actively growing at a given time and also shortens the Anagen Active Phase.


So when you’re suffering from intense hair fall, hair thinning or hair loss, what you truly need is a solution to normalize your hair growth cycle.

This is where Nourkrin® addresses the root of the problem! Nourkrin® is a revolutionary proteoglycan therapy that restores your normal hair growth cycle by nourishing and strengthening the hair follicles.

How Nourkrin® Works?

It contains proteoglycans, the active ingredient that stimulates hair follicles in the Resting Telogen Phase to enter the Anagen Growth Stage.

As it gets more hair follicles triggered to the Anagen Growth Phase, the percentage of follicles in the Resting Telogen Phase is reduced to normal levels. This limits the number of hair that is shed.

The Nourkrin® effect extends the Anagen Phase of existing hair follicles and hair strands, thus promoting continuous, healthy and thicker regrowth!

Nourkrin Effect

There are obviously a lot of hair loss solutions and treatments ranging from nutrition supplements and prescription drugs to hair transplant, laser therapy, platelet-rich-plasma therapy, extra cellular matrix and tissue expansion.

But if you’re looking for something non-invasive, Nourkrin® is not only effective but also completely drug-free, natural and safe from side-effects.

Remember, the treatment has to be taken twice daily for at least 6 months to get your hair growth cycle back on track and experience visible results.

It is a globally renowned, clinically-proven hair loss solution that has benefitted 83% of its users!

Even if you aren’t facing any major hair fall or hair loss issues, you can use Nourkrin® to maintain healthy, thicker tresses and a gorgeous, glossy sheen.

So what are you waiting for? Say hello to long, luscious, healthy hair!

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