Microneedling: The New Wave in Skin Improvement

By Skin & Hair Academy | March 26, 2018
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Isha Agarwal

- Skin & Hair Care Consultant

Does the idea of hundreds of needles going straight into your face frighten you? Actually, it could just be the best thing you could do to improve your skin! Microneedling, microneedle therapy, or collagen induction therapy, involves the insertion of firm needles into the top-most layer of your skin to create puncture wounds. The virtually painless procedure works by stimulating the body’s natural wound healing process, thereby, resulting in increased collagen, elastin production, and cell turnover.

Interestingly enough, microneedling is not just limited to your face and neck. The wondrous procedure can be carried out on your entire body, especially in areas that need repair. Let’s take a deeper look into the many benefits of microneedling for your skin:

  1. It tightens your skin
  2. It tightens your skinMicroneedling works wonders in tightening saggy, loose skin, thus, making it the ideal procedure for older men and women. Since your skin produces less collagen as you age, microneedling provides the necessary tightening by bringing the tissues together with minimal side effects and downtime.

  3. It repairs visible scars
  4. It repairs visible scarsBearing the brunt of unsightly scars and stretch marks all over your body? Microneedling for scars is one of the best ways to go about rejuvenating your skin. In this case, microneedling triggers the skin to produce more collagen and elastin, both of which help deteriorate the damaged cells, and replace them with newer, healthier cells. However, you may need multiple sittings for scars that have been there on your skin for a longer period of time.

  5. It treats pigmentation
  6. It treats pigmentationIf you’ve long been facing the burden of blotchy, brownish pigmentation all over your face and neck, look no further than microneedling to improve your complexion. The procedure, as mentioned above, will stimulate collagen growth, and reverse any discoloration, especially the one caused by sun damage. Clearer, glowing skin is just an added bonus!

  7. It reverses signs of aging
  8. It reverses signs of agingThe procedure also reverses and prevents any signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, dullness, and sagginess of the skin. It gives your skin a boost to regenerate cells and produce more collagen, which helps reduce the appearance of common signs of aging. Talk to your dermatologist about what the most prominent signs on your skin are, and zero in on the frequency of the sittings required.

  9. It shrinks your pores
  10. It shrinks your poresYou might think that hundreds of needles pierced into your skin are likely to enlarge your pores further, but that’s not the case. The procedure, in fact, causes your pores to plump and appear shrunken. Tightened pores massively help in reducing any prevalent acne problems you may have. Therefore, if you have long waged a war against untimely breakouts, microneedling for acne will provide a long-lasting solution to the problem.

Microneedling is easily the most attractive skincare procedure in recent times. Apart from the benefits mentioned above, it also helps expensive products penetrate better into your skin. However, as enticing as the procedure may sound, consult your dermatologist for possible side effects and reactions.

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